Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Fall Season is $360. Payment plans are available.

Spring Season is an additional $125 for returning players.

Spring Season only is $300.

What do costs include?

Administration Fees

League Fees

Uniform Fees (for first time players)

Coaches Fees

Are there additional costs?

There is a non-refundable $50 fee for tryouts. Teams that participate in tournaments outside of Crush’s home tournament and State Cup are charged an additional $45 per tournament.

Why is there a Tryout fee?

Crush wants to ensure everyone who is trying out for our club is serious about playing for Opelika Crush. Our coaching staff is serious about your player getting the best value and experience with our club, therefore, we want players who are serious about being a part of the Crush Family! Though some clubs have lower or even no fee for tryouts, our club season is very reasonable and even with a tryout fee, is still the best value for soccer in the area!

What is my time commitment?

Teams are expected to train two (2) times a week for 90 minutes. The Fall season runs from August through the first week of December. Most games are on the weekend and will require travel across the state. With the exception of the tournaments, most weekend games will not be more than one day.

Players are expected to attend all training sessions and games.

How many games will be in a season?

Our main focus is State League games. This is usually eight (8) games.

Our goal is 12-14 games a season, with additional games as friendlies and tournaments.

How far do we travel? Is travel out of pocket expenses?

We are not able to control league play schedules. Teams may travel to North Alabama or Mobile for league games. The state determines our opponents. 50% of league games are home an 50% are away. Tournament locations and friendlies are determined by each individual team.

Individual players/families are responsible for transportation to and from all games, any hotel stays and of course, food.

We go on vacation during fall and spring- How will this affect the season?

All summer training prior to camp is optional. Come when you can!

One of Crush’s 3 core values is Family! Please make sure to tell your coach and team manager the date you are unavailable and enjoy your family time!