Opelika Soccer Club’s Academy is designed for players born in the 2009-2011 age groups. At Opelika Soccer Club, we are proud to offer you our nationally licensed and certified professional coaching staff. OSC focuses on individual player development, providing each player with a base of technical skills — a scaffold on which they can build confidence, competence, and a love for the beautiful game. 


As mentioned above, Opelika Soccer Academy is for players born in the 2009-2011 age groups. Academy teams train 2 times weekly throughout the season, with additional training opportunities available to committed players. Opelika Soccer Academy participates in the Alabama Soccer Association Youth Academy. More information for ASA’s program can be found here.

An Academy program focuses on the complete development of each player. Our Academy is designed to provide an educational environment for boys and girls to learn through playing. Our main emphasis is of enjoying the process of technical development which will lead to gradual tactical understanding.

Flexibility is one of the crucial components of an Academy program. Children develop at different rates–development is not linear. Because of this, we combine age groups into a player pool to allow us further flexibility to account for the wide range of ability levels both within our club and across associations and clubs. With that flexibility, we can tailor each Academy experience to best suit the individual player and their development as a person, athlete, and soccer player. 

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